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Balazs, André

Chiltren Firehouse. The Cookbook

  • Editorial: Cornerstone
  • Páginas: 320
  • Año: 2016
  • Precio: 43.00 €
  • EAN: 9781848094659
  • La Central de CallaoInmediata
  • La Central del Museo Reina Sofía4 / 5 días
  • La Central del MUHBA4 / 5 días
  • La Central del Raval4 / 5 días
  • La Central (c/Mallorca)4 / 5 días

When the Chiltern Firehouse opened in 2013 it was an immediate success with the restaurant and chef Nuno Mendes´ menu at its heart. Lisbon-born, Mendes draws on influences from his career split between the United States and Europe to create contemporary recipes with an American accent. From the signature crab doughnuts to maple-glazed salmon and frozen apple panna cotta, Mendes delivers recipes of reimagined classics and bold new flavours. Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook brings together not just Nuno Mendes´ recipes; it also delves into the Firehouse´s love affair with cocktails and goes behind the scenes of the Chiltern Firehouse with exclusive photography and stunning design.

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